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    Born and raised in Switzerland as son on Spanish Immigrants i started early with the Music. The first Instrument i learned was the Flute and then i moved on to the Piano and the Clarinet. With the Age of around 15 my Brother was playing all Day long the Barbara Tucker Song called Beautiful People`s and since then i`m in Love with the Soulful and Vocal Part of House music. 18 Years later i`m even more in Love with it. So the Story continues.

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    The Ali and Mehmet Baclava Session
    No comments | by Junior Santiago | posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
    Bye Bye HSR - But I`l be back
    No comments | by Junior Santiago | posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014
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Welcome to Soulful House Music

Welcome to my Personal Homepage. This is only about Soulful House Music. You will find my personal Session`s always first and exclusive in here. You will also find Guest mixes made by DJ`s from all around the World. There is a "Soulful Track`s" Section where you find all kind of Soulful House Tracks. This can be a old school Banger Track or a complete new Releases that you probably never heard. In cooperation with different other Artist`s i will be able and proud to present you unreleased Promos that you will hear first and exclusive here on Soulful House Music. You find direct Links to the House Radio`s i play on regular Basis and you will be informed about the Times of Radioshows and Gig`s.

This also will be a Place to present DJ`s, Producers and Radioshow`s from all around the World. There is so much nice Music out there that never get the Attention they should. So i would love to present you this People and their Work. This can be all kind of People that are connected in some Way to Soulful House Music. You will not believe how much Peoples are out there that are living House Music any Day. That Love it so much that they could never imagine to be without it. DJ`s that with Passion and Love make Weekly Session`s that they give away for free. Producers that are sitting hours after hours in front of a Screen or a Keyboard making Beats, Tracks and Loops that, once done, anyone can download because they not asking nothing for anything. That is the People that i would love to present in here. The ones that are Soulful House Music that breathe Soulful House Music with any breath they take.  At the End it`s that People that will keep Soulful House Music alive when others are already listening to some other, new Stuff.

Baby Boy Session by Junior Santiago

Keep Grooving ... DJ Junior Santiago

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    Here you find any kind of Mix that is just Published on the Homepage and no one else. So its worth to pay a visit to the Homepage and check out if there is something new.

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    Weekly Soulful Guest Mix

    There are so many wonderful and Soulful House Loving DJ`s and Producers out there that never get the attention they deserve. So that is the Place to present yourself to anyone.

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    Soulful House Music Post`s

    The Post Section of the Soulful House Music Page is the best Way to be informed about anything. I doesn't care if it about my Mixes, Guest Mixes, New Releases or anything else. Get informed in here.

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